Cruise Control is Not Always the Best Option

Recently, a thirty six year old woman was driving home in a light rain when her car began to hydro-plane. Her car flew through the air and was totaled when crashing into a nearby tree. Luckily, the woman survived, but this all could have been avoided if she had just done one thing differently: drove without cruise control on. 


While cruise control is usually a safe option, especially when you want to maintain a consistent speed as this woman was hoping to do, it can become dangerous when the roads are wet. Hydro-planing occurs when the tires loose traction with the road. Without cruise control on, the car's drivetrain system (AWD or 4WD) would typically take over, recognizing the loss of traction and rerouting the power to differing wheels accordingly. Cruise control, however, is all about maintaining speed. When the loss of traction occurs, cruise control forces the car to speed up until the car becomes out of control. 

While this warning should be listed on the driver side sun-visor along with the airbag warning, many people don't know that using cruise control while roads are wet or icy could be dangerous. Make sure to never drive with cruise control on and to tell everyone to drive cautiously in adverse conditions. 

Stay safe, drivers! 
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