President of SPCA Steps Down

We would like to take a moment to recognize Owner/ General Manager of Maple Hill Auto Group, Jim VandenBerg, as he steps down from his presidency on the board of directors for the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Southwest Michigan. Jim began his presidency in 2014 and worked closely with the Director Katie Timber. Jim has been an avid animal lover since he was young. Before Maple Hill Auto Group was even a thought in his mind, Jim worked his way through college with odd jobs including cleaning animal shelters and working with rescues. Jim adopted his first SPCA rescue in 2013, a Samoyed named Ozzy.


            In 2014, Jim saw a unique opportunity to better the SPCA and his personal philosophy by working to grow the organization and truly make a difference in the community. Jim says the most challenging part of the experience was “Building the organization with very little other than a very talented Director, Katie Timber.” Even through the difficult times, Jim helped rebuild a solid foundation for the SPCA, both fiscally and with new board personnel.


            Though Jim became the president of the board of directors as a concerned community member, he knew Maple Hill Auto Group could offer the SPCA a multitude of opportunities and a growing partnership between the organization and the business. Since 2014, we have donated two Subarus to the organization for the transportation of rescues, have partnered with the SPCA for the Subaru Share the Love charity, and have put on many other events for the organization. With our customers and Maple Hill matching those donations, we have raise over $110,000 with the Share The Love charity alone. On top of that, the annual SPCA golf outing we sponsor has raised $150,000. Maple Hill has also hosted events where we have paid half of the adoption fees for animals such as when we succeeded in giving every animal in the shelter a home for the holidays in 2015.


            With his presidency coming to a close, Jim says he sees no change in Maple Hill’s partnership with the SPCA. He looks forward to continuing sponsoring events, working with Katie Timber, and adding to his rescue family.


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