Spring Cleaning

 It is hard not to notice the fresh smell of spring in the air even if there still may be some snow on the ground. We have always been optimistic here in Southwest Michigan. With the rapidly changing seasons upon us, don’t forget your vehicle when going about your spring cleaning!

  1. Give you car a bath

Washing the windows and outside lights of your house might be tiring, but at Maple Hill we make it easy to do the same for your car. Drive in during operating hours for a free car wash (with a Maple Hill plate or decal) and wash away all the dried on road salt and mud. For a full spring cleaning, stop in and pay only $4 extra for am undercarriage and wheel scrub for a deep clean that ensures no salt will be left to corrode the underside of your vehicle.


     2. Tire change/rotation

Many Michiganders need two sets of tires and it’s important to switch out your snow tires for the summer ones when it starts getting a bit warmer out. Snow tires wear out faster on warm/dry pavement and their flexibility that allows for greater traction in the snow is not as forgiving on the sharp turns in summer. If you don’t have snow tires, it’s still important to make sure your tires are properly inflated and rotated to promote their longevity.


     3. Clean out the glovebox

For good reason, we all become hoarders in the winter, but do you really need three pairs of gloves, the pocket warmers from winter break’s ski trip, and the gum that has frozen and thawed so many times it snaps in half at the touch? Take the time to get rid of everything you don’t need and check to make sure all the correct documents are in order.


    4. Check… everything

Winter takes a toll on all of us, our cars included. Luckily, Maple Hill has you covered. With every service we offer a complimentary multi-point inspection to set your mind at ease. We inspect brakes, wiper blades, engine fluids, tire pressure, and, yes, even that rattling noise you promise is usually there in your driver side tire to ensure that you have the best driving experience possible. When in doubt, come in for a check-up and we’ll happily make sure everything is fine tuned and ready to go. Now, if only someone could do that for our spring cleaning...


    5. Show your car some love

The first drive of spring with your windows down, sunglasses on, and radio turned all the way up is a magical moment for everyone. Clear out the stale air from the winter, sing your favorite song, and take your car on a well deserved leisure drive. You know you wouldn’t have been able to make it through the winter without your car, so treat it well for spring.

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