Welcome Back, Kevin

Maple Hill Auto is excited to welcome Kevin Hemenway back to our pre-owned sales team! Kevin has been part of the Maple Hill family since 1998 but had to take leave in May of 2015 for multiple surgeries. After almost three years, Kevin is fully recovered and we are happy to have him back.

How did your recovery go?

Kevin: Excellent! I was fortunate and had great surgeons. To become disabled is a humbling experience. It makes you fully appreciate all blessings, even the small ones we take for granted.

How are you feeling now?

Kevin: Superb! As we say in the pre-owned department of Maple Hill-- “Inspected and Corrected!”

What part of the job are you excited to get back to?

Kevin: Interacting with people and helping them with their needs and wants.

How did you occupy your time during your recovery?

Kevin: I’m involved in ministry and find serving people rewarding and enriching.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

Kevin: My daughter is graduating MSU this May and has a job with Quicken Loans in Detroit. I’m happy she will be close enough to visit.

Also, I’m feeling the desire to get back into music and am going to learn the conga drums. In my younger days, I played the drum set in various bands playing jazz to pop music. I was always fascinated with Latin music, so now I want to learn the congas and explore new avenues of expression.

We’re so glad your surgery went well and we excited to have you back, Kevin. We wish your daughter the best in her upcoming career and you luck with your drumming adventure. Welcome back, Kevin!

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