Everyone knows finding the right car can be tricky. Here at Maple Hill Auto Group we want you to have the vehicle that best suits your needs and your price range. Whether you're looking for some extra trunk space, a car that handles our Michigan winters, or just looking to save money on gas, we want you to know how our cars stack up. These comparison pages are designed to help you make the best decision on the type of car you need. We know finding the right car can be difficult, but finding a dealer driven by trust and integrity shouldn't be. 
 Model Passenger Volume (Cubic Ft.) Drivetrain Engine/ Mileage
 Tank Size Price (Average)
Volvo S90N/A  FWD 250 horsepower

23 city, 34 highway
14 gallons $49,650 
BMW 5 Series 98.8  RWD248 horsepower

24 city, 34 highway 
 18 gallons $51,200
 Infiniti Q50 112 AWD 300 horsepower

19 city, 27 highway
20 gallons  $46,650
 Kia K900 110.8 RWD 311 horsepower

17 city, 25 highway
 19 gallons$49,900 
Volvo S90 
 2017 S90. Digital image. 2017 S90. Car and Driver, n.d. Web. 5 July 2017.
BMW 5 Series 
Infiniti Q50 
Kia K900