What it means to be a mechanic has changed over the past few years. Being an automotive repair technician now isn't just muscle and grease. Cars rely on computer systems to run in this day in age and being a technician requires a deep knowledge for the car and the system itself. If you're up for the challenge, technicians are highly sought after and highly paid. Look in to getting an ASE certification today, or stop into Maple Hill Auto to learn more.

What happens during a Subaru/Hyundai/Volvo Service? We make sure both you and your care have top notch care driven by trust and integrity.
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Goss explains the importance of replacing parts, such as tires, headlights, suspensions, or ball joints, in pairs. For the suspensions or break parts, these tend to be worn equally, so replacing them at the same time will save you the hassle of taking your car into the shop twice. As for tires, headlights, or windshield wipers, it may seem that since you're buying the same make and model, replacing the one damaged part would be the same. However, manufacturers of these parts are constantly tweaking the designs for a better usage experience. To be safe, make sure parts like these get replaced in pairs as well. 

Goss invites Matt Edmund from TireTrack to give some pointers on tire maintenance. The most important thing to keep your tires in top shape is to use a tire gauge about once a month and just make sure all your tires are even. Don't just rely on the check tire light, Matt explains, that only turns on when something major has happened. Another important reason to continue checking the tire pressure, is that when the tires deflate, as they do naturally by one or two pounds a month, the inside of the tire begins to deteriorate. On the outside, the tire looks perfect, but with the inside compromised, it's only a matter of time before it fails. Lastly, what do all those numbers on the side of your tire really mean? Matt explains it all in the last minute and a half of the video. 

Here at Maple Hill Auto Group, we want what's best for you, your wallet, and your car. Let our highly trained technicians take a look under the hood and diagnose the problem themselves. Coming in and asking for a specific repair could damage the car further or put a dent in your wallet if it's a repair you don't need. 

Goss explains the importance of road force balancing over a regular balance for tires. At Maple Hill, we are driven by our commitment to quality, therefore, we only use road force balancing on your tires. Learn just what makes us so special with the video above. 

Rotating tires the old way may not cut it for your new car, Goss explains. Many new cars today have aysemetrical tires with specific directions, making a full tire rotation impossible. If you're looking to do it yourself, Goss gives some great pointers, but if you're looking for a quick, easy, and reliable service, call Maple Hill Auto Group and schedule a tire rotation with your next oil change. 

Experiencing tire problems? Goss has you covered. The two main issues involving tires are slipped/broken belts, or a puncture and, consequently, a mishandling of sealing that puncture. A slipped or broken belt will cause your car to shimmy, shake, and hop down the highway because it has turned your tire from round to oblong. This will require a new tire. Now, a flat tire due to a puncture can be fixed at home, but Goss has a few ground rules. First, you must seal both the inside and outside of the tire. You're not just trying to keep air in, but you're also trying to keep air out. Secondly, this must be done with the tire taken off of the vehicle. If not, you run the risk of not seeing the interior damage driving with a flat tire could have done. Driving with a broken belt or an improperly sealed puncture could cause much more damage down the road.  

Brake issues are sometimes more, but hopefully less, complicated than they seem. A shaking or pulsating feeling while breaking could be a warped break rotor, but it could just be rust. Before self diagnosing and spending big bucks on a new break rotor, let our technicians take a look inside and save you the money and the stress. Another problem may be with the break hose. This needs a trained professional on most makes and models so the hose and the break caliper won't get twisted. Listen to Goss, save yourself the time and money and stop into Maple Hill. 

You've seen the commercials, but here's an expert-- why should you only look at used cars with a Carfax report? Goss invites Chris Basso to explain just how in depth a Carfax report is and how it can save you money and stress in the long run. Carfax takes information from 77,000 different sources to ensure that every car you look at has a full and updated history report. Maple Hill Auto Group is proud to provide a vehicle history report on every used car.