Did you know the first Wednesday of May is National Skilled Trades Day? There are many misconceptions about skilled trades- automotive specifically- that have deterred individuals from joining this sector of the labor force. However, we’re here to set the record straight! Here are five common misconceptions and realities of the auto industry.

Misconception: There’s no money in being an automotive technician.

Reality: The average compensation for a master-level technician is $82,424 according to a private workforce study collected by the National Automobile Dealers Association.


Misconception: I’ve never worked on cars before; no one will hire me.

Reality: Dealerships offer extensive all-paid training to motivated employees. As long as you’re interested, we’ll teach you how to open a hood and turn a wrench.


Misconception: The automotive technician field is not friendly toward women.

Reality: Now is a better time than ever for women to join the auto industry. Auto technicians have consistent schedules, great benefits, and, depending on the dealership, never work weekends.


Misconception: I’m book smart, the automotive technician field is for people who are good with their hands.

Reality: Automotive has changed drastically from the idea of a 50s grease monkey. Technicians are highly intelligent, highly qualified individuals who study schematics, write reports, problem solve, and work with sophisticated technology- all while working with their hands.


Misconception: Being a technician is cost-prohibitive- I could never buy all those tools!

Reality: Most dealerships work with what you have and offer new technicians some sort of tool plan. Whether that be buying an entry-level box to follow you through the company or shared tools, dealerships are interested in getting motivated individuals into their shops, they’ll take care of the rest.


The skilled trades need you! If you’re a go-getter, there are great opportunities available in all fields. 

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