You just bought an expensive car with an expensive engine, so why buy a cheap oil filter? Goss from MotorWeek explains why saving money in the beginning will cost you in the end. Cheep oil filters may not have the quality filter paper your engine needs, or the quality in the manufacturing of it may not be there. The most important thing though, is the anti drain back valve the quality filters have. Without this, there is nothing stopping the oil from being siphoned out of the filter while the engine is off. This could be extremely detrimental to the engine, causing years of damage with every start. When in doubt, Goss advises to just buy the filter from your dealer. Want to try to do an oil change yourself? Goss explains just what to do in the last minute and a half of the video. 

Need more convincing that a quality oil filter is worth the extra money? Goss explains how the timing chains rely on oil to stay well lubricated and resist wearing. A cheap oil filter can clog, not allowing the oil to pump through the hydraulic tensioner, therefore not oiling the chain. Damage to the change can cost hundreds to thousands in repairs. For more information on timing chains, watch the next video.

In order for the valves at the top of the engine to work, the crankshaft and the camshaft must be connected by timing belts or, now, timing chains. Goss shows how we have begun switching from the rubber belts to the metal chains for durability reasons, but all the new equipment that comes with caring for a chain properly. If your car still has the rubber timing belt, those go bad with time OR mileage. When one of those factors rolls around, make sure to replace that belt right away to guarantee a safe drive and a long life for your engine. Now, if you have a newer car with a timing chain, you're going to need a few more parts. Chain guides and chain tensioners which are made of plastic and will need to maintain a thin coat of oil to keep from wearing. Then there's the hydraulic tensioners that maintain pressure on the pistons, but without oil they are destined for damage. Make sure to replace timing belts and timing chain parts within their time or mileage to keep driving safely. 

Maple Hill Auto Group is proud to provide service to the West Michigan area. That being said, we know a thing or two about what it's like driving though two feet of snow one month and melting your tires on the pavement not even four months later. That's why we want to help you understand the importance of having both winter and summer tires and Pat Goss is here to help. Modern winter tires don't just have deeper treads any more, they're now specially designed to handle the cold too. The material of summer and winter tires are completely different, allowing for an optimum driving experience no matter the season. Just like you wouldn't wear flip flops in December, don't be caught driving in the cold without winter tires. 

Goss explains how to really tell if you need a new battery or a new mechanic. If you're tired of replacing a battery in a car that rarely sees the light of day, try getting a maintainer and not a trickle charger that never shuts off. If your mechanic is using an outdated dial battery tester and tells you to get a new battery, that's when Goss says you need a new mechanic. Luckily, here at Maple Hill we are committed to giving you the best service experience and our technicians will work to correctly diagnose your vehicle. 

Struggling with heating, cooling, or air intake problems? Goss from MotorWeek is here to help. Issues with heating or air intake could be a problem that can be fixed without stepping into the shop. If the air intake at the back of the hood is blocked or the ventilation system itself is clogged, you might be able to take care of the issue itself wearing a mask and gloves and removing whatever the blockage might be. If you're experiencing an issue with the air conditioning where the air flow is strong for a few minutes, stops, and then starts back up again for a few minutes, that could be an issue with the cabin air filter. The accessibility of the filter varies in makes and models so if you have any doubts stop into Maple Hill Auto Group. 

Changing your coolant seems easy enough, but it could case damage to your engine. Pat Goss shows the importance of choosing the right anti-freeze, using distilled water, and what the proper measurement of liquid is. Goss will teach you how to change your coolant like a pro.